Additional Career ServicesAdditional career services offered by Weeks Career Services Inc.

Recruiter Distribution

Have your resume and cover letter custom addressed and distributed to recruiters based on criteria you select including employment category, salary, location, and industry. Documents are typically sent to 400-2,000 recruiters, and you will receive a list with complete contact information for each.
Investment: $250

Private Equity/Venture Capital Distribution

Similar to the recruiter distribution service, your resume and cover letter will be sent to decision makers; in this case, however, the recipients are 2,500 Private Equity/VC firms located throughout the U.S. You will get a list of everyone who received your documents, along with their contact information.
Investment: $300

Reference and Background Check Services

Do you want to find out what a past employer would say about you BEFORE a company checks your references? Or, do you want to know what they'll find when conducting a background check on you? Find out all this and more (such as ways to eliminate a bad reference) by contacting Allison & Taylor.