Weeks Career Services, Inc. Helping senior-level professionals find meaning in their work and advance in their careers.

Providing Executive Career Coaching and Executive Resume Writing Services

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to know how to conduct a job search that will get you results.
  • You want to become the "hunted" not the "hunter."
  • You want to feel as if your work has purpose.
  • You want to know how to advance in your career.
  • You want to learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • You want to identify and acquire a position where you can use your strengths.
  • You want to enjoy going to work each day.

The employment landscape has permanently changed. So have the rules! The perfect resume, effective job search techniques, and even the types of positions out there are different from just five years ago.

Weeks Career Services can help. My name is Charlotte Weeks, and I'm a dual-certified career coach and resume writer, and a past president of The National Resume Writers' Association. Before beginning Weeks Career Services, Inc., I worked in human resources, where I saw the other side of the process. The good news? I have since helped hundreds of people achieve their career goals in both good and bad economies, and in "hot" and "cold" industries.

Did you know that applying online is one of the least effective ways to find a job? Or that resumes do not need to be one page? Are you aware of how personal branding can help you or how to negotiate top dollar for your salary? Do you know the difference between a resume and an executive portfolio? Or how to boost your online identity in just a few minutes each day? Most people do not know the answers to these questions, simply because things are constantly changing.

I help executives and senior-level professionals develop a customized plan for their career goals. Between a coaching process specifically designed to keep clients moving forward, plus instruction on how to use proven methods, results can be astounding!

And, to give each person the individualized attention they deserve, I accept a limited number of clients each month.

With a background that includes working in human resources at an association and serving as president of The National Resume Writers' Association, I specialize in providing executive career coaching and executive resume writing services to association executives and executive directors of non-profit organizations (NPOs).

What would your life be like if you had a job you enjoyed, that paid you what you were worth, provided you the work-life balance you desired, and gave you a sense of purpose? These jobs exist... I've seen it hundreds of times!